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If you are looking for a great way to stay fit and have fun at the same time, then hoop dancing is just for you.

I try to stay away from the word exercise. A lot of people instantly shy away as soon as they hear that word but let me tell you there is nothing better for you and if you want to keep your body in it's best shape you are going to have to work at it.

Work, another word that quite a few people do not like but in all reality it has to be done. There are fun ways to exercise. These are the best because you do not even realize that you are working and exercising. You are just having fun.

Hoop dancing is exactly the same way. You do not even realize that you are getting such a great workout. It combines two of my favorite things into one great way to get some cardio and stay fit. Hula hooping and dancing and you do not have to know how to do either one in order to enjoy yourself.

I prefer to use a weighted hula hoop. These hoops make it so much easier to get started. As a kid, I always had a hard time getting the hula hoop started and once I did get it going, it seemed impossible to keep it going for any length of time. Times have changed and they are now much easier to use so if you have had a hard time using a hula hoop in the past, you have got to get a weighted hoop. They are fun and easy to use.

The dance part is the same way. You do not have to be some professional dancer to enjoy hula dances. There are no crazy complicated moves to learn. Just like everything else you start off slow and work your way towards your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Dance Workout Videos?
    I am looking for a good dance workout video with more advanced moves. I am a dancer and so the more advanced videos will be better. Has anyone ever tried Paula Abdul's Cardio Dance video or a new one (not by Paula Abdul): Body Sculpt: Dance Aerobics (2007)? Any other recommendations?

    • ANSWER:
      on you can find dance workout videos of all genres of dance. I can guarantee you'll find something. hope this helped.

    i'd like to start a business in teaching belly dancing and aerobics thru home service. how do i get started?
    what instructional videos should i consider spending for?

    • ANSWER:
      I hope you want the videos for your students! I wouldn't recommend learning how to belly dance from videos and then teaching it to students. You'll want to learn from an instructor yourself, even if you're just teaching beginners. If you already know how to dance, still keep learning an option and attend workshops when you can, and brushing up with videos wouldn't be so bad. Here's a big list of belly dance videos: I suggest the Veena & Neena videos. Sensual Art of Bellydance: Mystic Dance and Discover Bellydance: Basic Dance are good. American Tribal Style Belly Dance, Volume 1 is good for Tribal too.

      To get listed on line, go to Shira's website. She has a large data base for teachers:

    do you know the name of this sexy workout dvd for women?
    i have been trying to find this dvd for a while. it was advertised on tv and i think it has something to do with dance aerobics or booty aerobics or something like that. I think the website is pink. it looks really fun. does anyone know what im talking about, if so what is the name of it.
    p.s its almost a sexy dance video.....i think

    • ANSWER:

    What are some "alternative" workout videos?
    So I like a guided workout, but I find the usual aerobics boring (and kind of silly). I find Carmen Electra's Strip Aerobics interesting, as well as a Bollywood Dance Workout I found at the library.... any other interesting workout videos?

    • ANSWER:
      Billy Blanks videos that pick up the Martial Arts. Great workouts

    do you know the name of this workout dvd for women?
    i have been trying to find this dvd for a while. it was advertised on tv and i think it has something to do with dance aerobics or booty aerobics or something like that. I think the website is pink. it looks really fun. does anyone know what im talking about, if so what is the name of it.
    p.s its almost a sexy dance video.....i think

    • ANSWER:
      you mean carmen electra Striptease Aerobic ?

    Need a dance video thats fun...?
    am trying to develop graceful movement, good posture, etc. Prefereably one that is not focused on aerobics (don't need to be stronger) but one that actuall teaches moves. Thanks! Any kind of dance.

    • ANSWER:
      "Bad Boys," Gloria Estefan & miami sound machine.

      Watch movie "White Nights," with Barishnikov and Hines

      "All That Jazz" Roy Scheider Ben Vereen, Bob Fosse set his heart attack to dance!!!
      Get reeeaaadddyyy to rrrrrruuuuummmmmbbblllleeee!

    will aerobics help me lose weight?
    ive been trying to do the tae bo videos on youtube everyday. and its like im doing them but i cant do it perfect like the people on the video and i feel like its not goin to bring any changes in my body! im 5''4 and weigh 140 lbs and i need to lose 20 lbs by this summer, can i make it? or is it too late?

    ugh im so stressed cause im gonna work and go to college all the time and i want to exercise to lose weight. so i was thinking are there any videos to do aerobics on youtube like tae bo but you know for beginners? cause i do LOVE to dance. i used to be a jazz dancer in high school. please help me? im thinking i would have to do aerobics everyday right? for about an hour?

    • ANSWER:

    Any tips/help with coming up with a dance?
    In my aerobics class were doing group dances and a class dance that we're performing in december. For the group dances I'm with two other girls. We have to find music, and come up with a dance routine that is about two minutes. Were thinking about doing a dance to the jingle bell rock..but things can change. Any other ideas for good dance songs, and ideas on moves. Like any video's or websites to get some good moves from? Thankss =]

    • ANSWER:
      Well maybe you can make a dance up for the song 'Evacuate The Dance Floor" Its a cool song to make a dance for. EXAMPLE: when the song goes evacuate the dance floor im infected by the sound you can position in a triangle. The two people in the front will go their seperate ways and the person in the back can come up to the front, fall to the ground in some way, and the people that went there own way came twirl and then do the same . Then you can all like crawl to eachother. Its really cool when you picture it and do it. I hope you liked my answer .

    What is girls aerobics? ^_^?
    Uh... I'm going into middle school next year and I chose girls aerobics as my sport. I only did it to get out of PE!!! I have NO idea what it is.... I researched it in you tube and it was videos of girls doing dance routines :P IS THIS TRUE????? Ugh, that's why I didn't do drill team!! Help please explain lol.

    • ANSWER:
      Aerobics is like exercising to music. Some of the moves can be a little like dance moves, but most of it is more "exercise" like. You'll probably do crunches or push-ups sometimes, or lift light weights, as part of the routine. The videos you saw on You Tube might've looked like dance routines because everyone is doing the same moves together with music playing, but really, it's nothing like drill team! Aerobics is really pretty fun, and I bet you'll end up liking it. And even if you don't, it's going to get you into great shape... and who doesn't like that?! :)

    Exercie Videos?
    if i do an exercise video {50 min aerobics} and i run for 25 minutes on a treadmill 5.2 mph and i dance ballet for and hour and 15 minutes ho many calories should i get to maintain im 14 a girl and 110 pounds

    • ANSWER:
      Is this all in one day? Or a week?

      I would recommend you try It's very helpful/useful.

      At 14, especially as a dancer, you really should just make sure you eat all the nutrients you need. And cut calories that don't contain useful nutrients. Avoid refined carbs (white bread, white rice, white pasta - replace these with high protein or whole versions, like whole wheat bread, brown rice), eat lean meats, avoid sugars (eat candy only once in awhile, and in small portions, no regular sodas). Watch out for hidden empty calories, such as sugar in pizza sauce, or pasta sauce (not that all sauces have a lot of sugar) - just keep it in mind.

      If you really want some sweets, try fruit first. It will at least nourish and fill you up a bit. Sugar only makes you want more sugar.

      If you eat healthily, probably your body will let you know when and even what you need to eat.

    what is cardio funk aerobics?
    I was looking for a cheap hip hop dance workshop and for the nearest studio as well.. and found one, but I asked if they have hip hop workshop, they said that they don't have any, except for aerobics which they call "cardio funk" but hip hop dance is only part of it.

    I couldn't find a video where they will show "cardio funk"..

    does it mean that cardio funk is not entirely hip hop? if so, then what is it then all about?

    • ANSWER:
      "Cardio Funk" is probably like hip-hop but it will be even a more cardio workout.
      You will probably do a basic cardio workout routine with aerobics but also incorporate hip-hop moves and that hip-hop feeling into the class, as well as dancing to hip-hop style music.
      It probably won't be a standard hip-hop class, but more funky & hip-hop then a regular cardio class.

    Question about a video clip from early 2000s/dance music?
    Ok so this is really driving me crazy. The video clip is from 2000-2003 i don't remember what year exactly. Guess it would be classified as dance or house, not sure, don't even know the difference. Anyway, the lyrics consisted of i think one sentence repeated over and over.
    Now, the video clip itself is a guy going to train with a bunch of women in a gym. The whole clip they are in the aerobics hall and they are working out. One woman in particular was wearing purple leotards.
    Please help? Thanx.

    • ANSWER:
      call on me - eric prydz

    Going to gym class with your period?
    so i had gym today, and of course we had to do this creepy dance/ aerobics/ yoga thing with this video. I got my period in the summer, and im not ready to try tampons, but gym is terrible! during the aerobics you have to jump up and down and fast and if you dont do it u dont have good participation, so i have to do it. And for the yoga u have to spread your legs far apart and stuff. i cant skip gym whenever i have my period. I have gym again on wednesday and its gonna suck. Do u have any tips on how to deal with it during gym(im not scared about changing in the locker room) or any tips for tampons?

    • ANSWER:
      Try talking to your teacher about when you're heavy and tell her you're not ready to try tampons yet if it's a woman she'll probably be understanding and let you kinda cheese out. If you try tampons they're pretty easy, but you need to change them often. Don't leave them in longer than 6 or 8 hours it says on the box. Never sleep in them although many do there is a risk of toxic shock which I always blew off till my friend almost died from it. As long as you follow the guidelines you'll be fine.

    How do I gain more confidence in myself to think I am sexy for myself and my fiance?
    I'm 20 years old and my fiance and I have been together a year and a half. He's asked me a couple times to dress up and dance for him as in lap dances and such. But I have always been so shy and sort of a clutz. I don't have enough confidence in myself to think I could look sexy or not fall on my face while trying to be sexy for him. He doesn't push it but it really bothers me because I know he would like for me to and it would spice up our sex life. He tells me to just let go and not be so serious all the time that he thinks I am the sexiest girl in the world. I just get uncomfortable in this situations even when he takes me out to the club to dance with him. I've never done it! I feel like I'm taking away a fun part of our relationship and it bothers me so much. I get intimidated when there are so many other pretty girls around who know how to dance.

    I've bought Carmen Electra's strip aerobics videos hoping it will help some. How do I gain more confidence in myself to know I am a sexy woman and that my man thinks I am too?
    It's not that I think I would be uncomfortable dancing after I learn to. I really am interested in learning. I want to be able to go out and dance as well as in the bedroom when we want to have a little fun.
    It's not that I think I would be uncomfortable dancing after I learn to. I really am interested in learning. I want to be able to go out and dance as well as in the bedroom when we want to have a little fun.

    • ANSWER:

    Good workouut songgs.?
    For PE me and my friends have to make an exercise video (aerobics) and we need some songs to dance and work out to. It has to be appropriate for a catholic high school (no references to sex :/ ) And maybe some unique moves [we can't copy them from videos]. Thanks :D

    • ANSWER:
      So many of the current dance/aerobic numbers are just a little too sex-themed. These are classic aerobic tunes that should pass at a Catholic High School.

      Footloose - Kenny Loggins

      She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals

      Call On Me - Steve Winwood (the original tune of the Call on Me aerobic video that's way too sexy for HS - this one is OK)

      Turn the Beat Around - Gloria Estefan

      Kool & The Gang - Celebration

      Nobody Gonna' Break My Stride -Matthew Wilder

    I need new workout routines for at home?
    have been doing an hour of cardio (6 times a week) and half hour of pilates (3 times a week). I also do abs (3 times a week).

    My cardio is usally three times a week tae bo, and three times a week high aerobics (jumping rope, jumping, dance), or dance aerobics and ballet.

    I live in Ukraine, and it is cold. Facilities are also very societ style bad. We have a track near my place, it is outdoors and in the spring/fall/summer when it is warm enough I can run.

    BUT right now, I can only do workouts at home in my room. My workouts have consisted of doing youtube videos I have found, and many of the routines include doing planks, lunges, squats, resistance traning (pilates), running men, squat thrusts and jumps, push ups, etc.

    I want to change my routine, because I believe I may have plateued a bit. I have started increasing my workouts to 1 hour and 40 minutes a day.

    Does anyone have any advice or ideas for other workouts I can do AT HOME WITHOUT equipment? I have a set of dumbells thats all, and can't buy anything else here.

    Please help with ideas!

    • ANSWER:
      You can start a weight training routine using objects you have at home. This link will help you figure out things you can do. Do a n online search for strength training ideas.

    we need good songs...?
    me and my friend have to make an aerobics video for our aerobics final(lol no laughing). we have to have 2 minutes warmup, 16 minutes aerobics, 2 minutes cooldown and are looking for good music.
    we're thinking more techno/dance but being able to do aerobics more fast than slow.

    • ANSWER:
      Every Time We Touch What A Feeling and Call On Me would be pretty good for the middle where you actually get into it.

      The songs in order, good luck!

    What is the name of this song? I remember it was a few words repeated over and over again.?
    I remember the video was a guy was in an all female aerobics class and it looked like they were all dressed in 80's workout clothes. Maybe a dance/techno song (It can't really remember)

    • ANSWER:
      It might be wrong, but to me it sounds like its "Call On Me" by Eric Prydz :)

    umm i just need to know how to achieve success in sport aerobics, it's for school i assure you. will anything help me with my timing and like.. hard to explain but like get my movements to umm like "pop"? after watching videos of good people and comparing them to mine i've figured out i'm pretty shitty at it =/
    time is something i definitely do not have >:(

    • ANSWER:
      it takes time bro

    What's your favorite workout video?
    Lately, mine has been the Clubland Work It Out with Deanne Berry. It is a great video with real dance moves.

    I would really like to get some more great ones that really get the heart rate going. I am talking moderate to heavy high intensity workout dvds or downloads from any genre of dance or aerobics.

    Mainly, I am in a place where the next gym isn't for 20 miles. So, I need more stuff to work out at home but can't tell what's good and what's not. Anyones opinion would be greatly appreciated!

    What's your favorite?

    Thanks! :)

    • ANSWER:
      I have a few that I do on a regular basis. Dancing with the stars has a good one and I think they have a new one that just came out too. The Biggest loser has a few dvds. I love Biggest Loser Workout 2, bootcamp and yoga. I know I will probably get a lot of flack for this one but Richard Simmons Dvd's are great! There are so many of them, not just Sweating to the Oldies.

    website helping work out.Read below.?
    Guys if you know any website that has exercise moves(burn fat), please list it.I am not much of a yoga lover.So please list something that is aerobics or dance based.If you know any good videos, name them too!

    • ANSWER:
      I am Inviting you to visit this web site

      you will find alot of diet tips and advices
      and you can register your email so that when new tips are sent the site tells you via an email, through this link

      and you can also add your Tip on the site

      Have a Nice Day

    Where to find this stuff?
    For halloween i want to go as sort of an eighties aerobics dance like heidi in her music video. Any idea of where to find this stuff?

    • ANSWER:
      i know it may sound gross, but try thrift stores. people tend to donate their old stuff and their could be some leg warmers with your name on them !


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