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Investing is sometimes cleverly called "The art of money making money", and rightfully so. The typical worker goes to work each day, every week, month and year of his life from graduation up until retirement. He earns a steady paycheck each month, and has a set hourly wage. This person usually thinks he earns $x amount an hour by being an employee, but this is false thinking. In actuality, he is selling x amount of hours each day, for a dollar amount. The ones who are earning money, are the people who hired this worker. So what happens if this worker takes a day off? Well, he won't be getting a single dime, because he has sold zero hours of his life to the company. How about the company owners or investors? If one of them decides to go on a holiday, what will happen to him? He will still be expecting a paycheck when he gets homea Why? Because the worker invests his life in active income, and the investor/owner in passive income. The owners and investors of the world makes money work for them, instead of having to work for money.


Passive income is income that does not require your direct involvement. Some kinds of passive income you may be familiar with include owning rental property, royalties on an invention or creative work, and network marketing. If you want to earn more, work less, and have a decent retirement, you're going to have to start creating income streams that do not require your direct involvement. Whether you're just starting your business, or you've been running it a while, the sooner you start thinking about how you are going to shift your business model to create more passive income, the sooner you can achieve personal and financial freedom.

So what makes a smart passive income investor? Let's make up an example of the average "work for money"-type of person, and the "let money work for me"-type of person:

David works 7 hours giving aerobics lessons in a gym in New York. He makes 00 a month after taxes, which he is happy with. He is free on Saturdays and Sundays, and on all major holidays, which is the standard in his line of work. He is also happy with an annual 7% increase in wages.

Compare David to this next person:

Frederick is also an aerobics teacher, but one who earns money in a different way. He doesn't work at a gym, and does not have a workplace to go to every day. Instead he invests some money in hiring a professional photographer and some money in a digital video camera. He then creates his own aerobics video, and sells it online. He then pays professional marketers and designers to promote his website. He makes 00 a month after taxes, just as David does. He now has time to concentrate on new products to further increase his wealth, and start earning income to suit his choice of lifestyle.

So, what's the point of this comparison? No one is richer than the other, so why bringing it up? Well, what would happen if David decided to visit Tokyo for a week, or go and see family in Canada for a few days? His income would cease, and he would risk being fired. Frederick on the other hand has invested in himself - He makes that 00 every month regardless where in the world he is! He has truly understood the value of time, the only really non-renewable resource we have.

What makes passive income a winner in the long run is not primarily the money - it's time! Earning passively makes you free of a lot of burden than comes with a normal worker's life. Not to mention that with a passive income you can usually leverage your time very well and easily increase your revenue each month.

A worker cannot do this as the old "work harder and earn more" type of thinking does not apply in our modern world. A worker who decides to put all his strength into performing tasks a certain month will not see an increase in his paycheck for that month. However, if he slacks off for a month, he gets fired. This is not a logical way of trading time for money, yet it is the one most people subscribe to because they don't know about other options.

It's not hard to earn a passive income. It is very important to understand this statement. What makes people refrain from trying to earn passively is simply the, "I don't know how toa" or "I don't have timea" types of thinking. Let's address the first one, "I don't know how": This, in itself is not true. Fat people know why they are fat, and they know that by eating more healthy food and going to the gym will make them slim and healthy - but do they do it? Usually not. It's not about "I don't know how", but rather, "I don't have the motivation to try" that keeps people from achieving success in their lives.

Read step-by-step guides on investing, and learn how to make income by investing!

Frequently Asked Questions

    Did you know the movie FITNA is actually just Richard Simmons give aerobics lessons to Yanni?
    Don't fall into the trap!
    give -> giving aaarggh

    • ANSWER:
      (NO); I Did (NOT) Know that "Until" You JUST POINTED IT OUT TO ME !

      But NOW; "Because" of Your Question; I (DO) Know !

      p.s. Richard Simmons has Been "History" for a (LONG-TIME) Now !

    Aerobics: bulky muscle?
    I'm a girl, and I started taking aerobics lessons and my legs and butt are sore like you won't believe. I was simply wondering if aerobics makes your muscles, specifically thigh muscles, big and bulky? Cuz I honestly don't want them bulky. Trying to lose some fat down there.

    • ANSWER:
      nope. aerobics wont make u big and bulky.
      to get big and bulky take ALOT of hard work with weights and nutrition...its especially diffcult for girls to get big and bulky. so dont worry.

    I am moving to Bombay and will be working at BKC. Would Chembur be a good place to stay? What are rents like?
    Need to know about broadband, aerobics lessons in the morning and kindergarten schools that are available in Chembur

    • ANSWER:
      I would say it is not a good place to stay

    How soon can I start on pointe if I start ballet at 15 ?
    I just love ballet and I will start in a week ballet lesson . (When I was younger I did aerobics , tennis , swimming and ski ) Now I wonder how soon can I start on pointe ? I'm very motivated and I do different exercises 2 hours per day ( stretching . . . ) and I almost learned the first and the second possition of ballet .

    • ANSWER:
      I will not (directly) contradict the lifelong ballerinas' experiences. Yes, if you start ballet at 3, you obviously won't be going en pointe after 2 years. However, there is a HUGE developmental difference between a still-growing 5 year old and an athletic 15 year old.
      My instructor started ballet for the first time 3 years ago(she was 18 at the time) and she is currently starting pointe.
      So don't give up hope!
      It won't take 7-10 years, but it will take at least 2, and a lot of work.
      Good luck and happy dancing!

    How do you write down the budget constraint for a representative rich person & representative poor person?
    The citizens of PlanetV cares about two things: the aerobic lessons (A) and bread (B). Each individual utility function in PlanetV is given by the following:

    U(A, B) = (A^0.5)(B^0.5) or "A to the power of 1/2" times "B to the power of 1/2"

    There are one million rich people and two million poor people in PlanetV. To keep the 2007 election promise, government in PlanetV has decided to provide aerobic lessons as public good. That is, everyone consumes the same amount of aerobic lessons.
    Here are some other details:
    1. Price of bread is per loaf and the cost to the state of aerobic lessons is per lesson.
    2. A rich person's income is 0 while a poor person's income is .
    3. If A lessons are provided, each individual pays a per-head tax of A

    (i) Write down the budget constraint for the a representative rich person and a representative poor person.

    (ii) Suppose the aerobics lessons are paid for by per-head tax. How many lessons would the rich prefer to have supplied? How many would the poor prefer to have supplied?

    (iii) If the outcome is determined by majority rule, how many aerobics lessons will be
    provided? How much bread will the rich get and how much bread will the poor get?

    (iv) Calculate the utility of rich and the poor by plugging the allocations obtained in (iii).

    (v) As it often happens the election promise was reneged and aerobic lessons were
    privatized in 2008. No lessons were supplied publicly and no taxes were collected.
    Everyone is allowed to buy as many lessons as she likes and as much bread as she likes.
    Suppose that the price of bread stays at per loaf and the price of lessons stays at
    per lesson. Compute the following in this new environment:
    (a) number of aerobic lesson and bread for a rich person;
    (b) number of aerobic lessons and bread for a poor person;
    (c) utility of the rich and the poor.

    (vi) Is privatization Pareto superior to head tax?

    sorry, i really have no idea how to do these and really need help :(

    • ANSWER:
      I'll try and get you started:

      100-(1a+2b)=Budget Rich
      100-(1a+2b)=Budget Poor

      You want to max utility. Thus you want to derive your first order condition, derivative of utility:

      And I have to go, I'll edit this answer later (Hopefully I remember).

    Why isn't aerobics helping get slimmer,?
    i go 4 times per week to the lessons since three months and the reslut is that i am only fatter and fatter. it is true that i do not eat less but still it must have some effect, right?

    • ANSWER:
      Two things may be happening.

      1.) You may still be taking in more calories than you're burning off. You could go to aerobics 7 days a week, but if you are putting more calories in your body than you are burning off, then you won't lose fat. You'll actually gain it.

      2.) Your body is gaining muscle from the aerobic stimuli. Even if you aren't gaining fat, it may look like you're getting bigger because, in reality, you are. Since the muscles are gaining some mass and lay directly underneath of any fat on your body, it's likely making that fat bulge out more, making it look like there is more there when, in reality, there may not be.

      Here's a couple of tips to help you. First, count your calories. Over the next 3 days, count the calories of all the foods you eat. Then, average the numbers together and this should give you an idea of your normal caloric intake. On top of that, count how many calories you burn a day (there are calorie calculators online that will help you determine that. Just run a search for "Calorie Calculator" through google.). Do this for 3 days then average it to get your normal caloric output. I think you'll find that your intake is higher or the same as your output, which would explain why you haven't seen the desired results. Once you have an idea of what you are taking in and actually using, it will give you an idea of how much you need to adjust your diet. Fix it so that you are using more calories a day than you are taking in. (Do this in a healthy way, of course.) You can probably get a personal trainer or your aerobics instructor to help you with this.

      Also, spread your meals out over the day. instead of eating 3 big meals a day, eat 5 or 6 smaller meals over the course of a day. This is easier on the body and motivates a higher metabolism.

      Hope this helps you out!

    I very embarrass to ask, but I will any ways. Well, like I would like to know, like how do I get my hand?
    do I get my hands on Carrie Prejean's 30 video lessons and stuff? I like want to learn how to do it right, like you know. Like how much does her lessons cost. Like she is totally cool for taking the time to teach the rest of us how to pop.
    Like these things should be in the Bible you know. I hope she gets her own morning show, like the aerobics lesson. Like this would totally be cool, along with Yoga.
    Yeah like totally!!! She is a real christian, always willing to teach. Like she is walks the walk, and pops the popper.

    • ANSWER:
      I know, right?

      Like, totally.


    exercising before and while ttc?
    I exercise 3-5 days/week I do around 1 hours of cycling or walking on treadmill and I do a privet lesson aerobics but i will stop the aerobics because i'm very busy. but i won't stop walking and cycling. is it ok doing them while ttc? what exercise you did or doing while ttc?any risks?

    • ANSWER:
      There are no risks to continuing your current exercise routine while TTC and even through early pregnancy (as the pregnancy progresses you will probably have to modify your routine so that you can be comfortable). In fact, continuing to exercise is better than stopping as it helps to reduce stress as well as keeps you fit. I made absolutely no changes to my exercise routine while TTC and continued to be active right up until birth (I only started walking less than 2-3 miles every day when my bladder couldn't hold out that long anymore) and most of the people I know attribute my easy pregnancy and delivery to my being healthy from staying active.

    I suffer from low self esteem & low confidence. How can I become more confident & expressive. PLEASE HELP!?
    I have been jogging and doing weight training to help with my appearance and this is definitely helping. Here are some ideas of things I could try to help me become more confident, expressive and comfortable with myself. I am going to try them ALL! Can you think of anything else I could do along with these that I could also try?

    Dancing lessons (for beginners!)
    Singing lessons (again, for beginners!)
    Acting lessons (beginners!)
    Work in a charity shop (for social interaction)
    Trying to say hi to randomn people in the street, which I have been trying!

    Anything else you can think of?!

    • ANSWER:
      Good for you, you really seem determined to help yourself

      I used to suffer the same problems when I was a teenager and I discovered that I felt better if I made myself talk to people as the thoughts you have about the consequences if you get it wrong are really irrational and just dont materialise(usually!)
      Its practice makes perfect. I used to (and still do if i have to face a particularly difficult situation) use those acting skills to become 'confident person' as it seems to make it easier as a coping mechanism to pretend to be someone you arent. I think most people adapt to situations every day of their lives and you will find that your confidence and self esteem will rise with every positive experience you have
      I wish you all the best with your journey x

    will i still be employable if i end up with a 2:2 or a 3rd class honours degree ?
    It will be asking a bit much out of me, i mean its do-able ( a 2:1) but i would need to study/work like ive never worked before and then some.

    meaning i'd need to abandon other things like my current part time job, taking care of disadvantaged children on weekends, driving lessons, step aerobics and pilates classes etc

    but on top of this, im taking energy supplments and vitamin tablets to keep me alert and energetic during the day as im always feeling v.fatigued and stuff.

    it looks like that If i work hard i can finish with a 2:2 , the more realistic target. If i miss a 2:2 and end up with a 3rd then theres nothing i can do about it at teh end of the day.

    I want to know if a degree at a 2:2 and 3rd class standard is recognised in the UK by prospect employers because to me it doesn't paint a true and honest picture of my overall worth, its simply a 'snapshot' in time illustrating how many questions i answered questions in end of sem tests and examinations and stuff.

    will it be v.hard for me to get a job with that band of degree ?

    • ANSWER:
      It does really depend on what you want to do, what university you got it from, and what the degree is in. You can't really generalise.

      A 3rd class degree isn't great. It shows that either you aren't very bright, or you didn't do any work. So you'd be looking at jobs where the degree didn't really matter at all.

      You need to get your priorities straight. A degree is (generally) a once in a lifetime thing - for this short time, you should put everything you have into it and get the best out of it, it will stay with you for ever. Aerobics and pilates? No wonder you are on your knees.

      Sit down and work out what is most important to you and make time for it. You sound like you have given up already before you really gave it a go.

    Besides the American Red Cross. Can anyone give me some good references about indoor pool temp?
    I know the Red Cross says, 78-82, is a good pool temp. Does anyone have any documentations stating other opinions. Our base pool is between 85 and 89. It feels very very warm. I can't swim anywhere as fast or as long with it that hot. I'm looking for references to give the head goofball. OH, and it isn't a therapeutic pool. Lap swimming, scuba diving lessons, Aqua-aerobics and a couple high school teams use it during the seasons.

    thanks for any help.

    • ANSWER:
      The Santa Clara International Swim Center's pool is heated to 80-83 degrees. Kids complain its too cold, but its really the perfect temperature for lap swimming.

      Lap swimming in an 89 degree pool is being a little bit risky in my opinion. I personally would not want to have a heavy workout in a pool that warm due to over heating.

      You'd probably save a ton of money dropping the temperature a few degrees too! Keeping a pool that warm is extremely expensive

    I have a few questions about Zumba?
    I want to start doing Zumba today but have a few questions before I begin the at home lesson.
    1. Approximately how many calories an hour does beginner Zumba burn?
    2. Is it considered safe to do Zumba bare foot, or is it better to be wearing sneakers?
    3. Is Zumba considered low or high intensity aerobics?
    4. Would doing Zumba every day be too much for the body?

    Thanks and one more:

    Do you like Zumba?

    • ANSWER:
      Hello there!

      1. The average calorie burn for the average Zumba class can be from 500-800. It varies on how much you exert yourself.
      2. You can do Zumba barefoot...can't see any reason why that would be dangerous, in fact researchers are starting to say that it's better to workout in bare feet.
      3. I would considerate it to be moderate intensity.
      An example of low-intensity is yoga, walking, etc. Usually kept a slow pace, lower heart rate range.

      An example of moderate intensity is zumba, treadmill at like speed 4, maybe even step classes, and this is kept at a moderate pace but still keeps the heart pumping

      High intensity is things like plyometrics, sprinting, jumping, etc. Fast pace (usually) and getting the heart rate at a higher range more quickly.

      4. I don't think Zumba everyday is bad for the body since it doesn't involve resistance training. Cardio is okay 5-7 times a week...but I advise you to take at least one day to relax, to avoid getting burned out.

      5. I've done Zumba before and loved it! It doesnt seem like your exercising just having fun :)

    Feel like giving up my violin. Have been learning on and off for 9 years under a teacher. Should I?
    I can even skip lessons due to me being slack and no motivation and don't practise regularly, paid my fees regularly though. Took 3 years to pass grade 6 exam and now doing grade 7, still slack as before. Wondering should I give up and use my money for piano course (I want to learn piano too.) instead. I can use the remaining monie to take up other lessons such as kickboxing, aerobics,etc... Should I give up learning violin? I am in my 30s. I am worried though, oneday I may regret giving up violin but for now, I don't earn much and I want to learn other things as well. How? Should I give up and if I decide to give up, I tell myself never to return to learning violin cos I know it is troublesome, have to start all over again. How? Should I give up violin. The fees are eating me up as well. I am damn poor.

    • ANSWER:

    help do's and don't... my first time tomorrow going to a gym.?
    i enrolled today and they have this complete facilty .My first doing this so in truth i have no idea what to do.Can soemone advise me on what program i should do,i have aerobics,yoga,pilates,swimming lesson,latin,,,what in the world would i do?

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing to do is do this steps.
      1. Do some warm-up. Use treadmill for about 10 minutes.
      2. Do some stretchings. Start in your neck to your ankles and hands. Look for the chart of how to streatch various parts of the body.
      3 Do the program for the day like aerobics etc. Dont do all of the program for the whole day because you will feel so much body aches all over your body.
      4.Do a cooling down program like use a treadmill again for just 2-3 minutes then stretching again. Doing this will lessen body aches.

      Dont forget breathing exercise before and after doing the program.

    What's the name of this song?
    I heard it recently at my PE lesson. we were doing aerobics using this song. it sounded like this "boom boom boom, i want him to be my groom"...bla bla bla...don't remember it well.

    so does anyone knows this?

    • ANSWER:
      It wouldn't happen to be "Boom boom boom boom" by the Vengaboys, would it?

    How come i'm not losing weight?
    I joined Slimming World about 3 months ago but i keep losing a pound then gaining it back. It's so annoying. Should i keep going? It feels like a rip-off considering that its £4.50 a week! I was thinking about going to a diet and fitness spa for adults in America. This is expensive too, about £3500 for two weeks including flights. I weigh 15st 5lb and i'm only 5'2". I have been overweight for most of my life. I'm only 23. I need a diet and exercise program that i can stick to. Any suggestions? I have started swimming lessons and have been going to aqua aerobics for a few weeks to get my fitness levels up but i have a healing fracture in my spine so i have to be careful in everything i do. I also have Fibromyalgia. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      well if your eating right and exersizing,maybe you should have your thyroid checked.

    How can I skip PE Long Term?
    My PE teacher is the biggest bitch on the whole planet. She's mean, cruel and made us go swimming when there was a thunderstorm...IN AN OUTSIDE POOL. She said we could stop only when there was lightning and not thunder. She doesn't let us get off PE even if our parents sign a note because of "forgeries". She only let's us off with a Doctor's Note, but my Dad says no more as I've used it twice already. We have to do Sports Aerobics the Happy Song 2009 thing, and we have had 5 lessons. Only 5 to learn the whole thing. My memory sucks. I cannot dance, sing, or do sport to save my life. Honestly. And I'll be killed. I can't break a bone. I can't forge another note. I need something else as it's performance day next lesson. I need help. She'll kill me. It sounds like I'm whining and stuff and it'll be easier later when you do it, but it's a group thing, my group will kill me, my PE teacher will hunt me down, give me 10 bijllion PE detentions and humiliate me in front of the whole class AND ring my parents and fail me. (I don't mind failing, but my parents do... and then they'll kill me as well.) I've had her for 2 years and been humiliated. I never want to repeat it again. Please. I really need help!

    • ANSWER:

    Wrong q at this section!but?
    I have gained a lot of wt say almost 15 lbs.....and most of it all is at my butt and thigh...i ahve an imp day of my life coing in jan and am trying to loose wt healthier way...
    am working out at a club...i take group classes and i do most is aerobics and some toning classes with free weights...max wt i use is 5lbs..and body bar of max 9 times i do take kick boxing and step classes...
    but one thing i have noticed is that my thigh gets toned but never seem to become leaner..i did have leaner thighs before..i was size 0 but now i need size 2/3 for my thighs...
    help me please...regarding what kind of exercises r best?
    My lessons /classes includes squats/leg raises...etc,,,

    • ANSWER:
      with a size 0 now 2/3 you need help.

    I need some help .. I'm Freaking out .. Read it please and answer?
    I wanna lose weight and I feel like I am just keeping my weight as it is .. not losing nor gaining .. it's ok to not gain but it's silly to not lose .. I decreased all the amounts of the sweets I'm eatin' and I just drink Pepsi (not diet) rarely than be4 but still freakin' out of this I can't quit drinking it . I'm like a drug addicted and dunno what 2 do ..I eat just one meal a day and drink a lot of water and I also try 2 have sparetime 2 walk and play aerobics . but does walking n' aerobics will help me to be so fit and get rid of all the fat parts in my body like Legs ,, hands ,, feets ,, belly and got flat stomach , I'm not fat that much but I wanna lose for about 15 or 20 lbs .. I'm 15 yrs old and I weigh 69 pounds and after I become fit I wanna take gymnastics lessons .. can I do it or it's impossible in my age ? I've never been playin' it be4 .. Please give some advices
    Hey everyone who had answered my questions .. First Thanks very much and I really don't understand what do u mean that I've a problem and I should see a doctor .. and I am small .. look I can tell my body looks like Lindsay's Lohan in Mean Girls Movie it's not fat nor thin but I wanna lose weight
    thanx everybody for intersting and answering my question .. I don't actually know how much should I weigh or lose but I look like Lindsay's Lohan body in Mean Girls or may be I am little fat than she was but I think that I misunderstand around the difference between Lbs puonds and all of that all what I wanna say that I am 70 Kilograms and I wanna lose weight .. I wish that u could understand me this time .. and sorry for that small mistake :D :D

    • ANSWER:
      If you only weigh 69 pounds then you need to GAIN weight, not loose it. Someone who is only five feet tall should weigh around 100 pounds and if you are around 5'5 you should weigh around 125. People are saying that you have a problem because you are trying to loose weight at your current weight. You would look like one of those hungry children from third world countries in those donation commercials if you lost any more weight unless you are a midget. If your body looks like Lindsay Lohan's body did in Mean Girls (back when she was 17) then you would probably weigh a lot more than 70 pounds.

      Oh, you weigh 69 Kilograms. That is actually 152 pounds when you convert it. It is possible to loose the weight but the main things you have to concentrate on are your diet and running. I'm not going to say give up the Pepsi but I will say that you should reduce how much you take (possibly one or two sodas a week). When you want to loose weight you can avoid all fatty foods to help loose weight and when you are close to what you want to acheive you can usually get away with one or two "cheat" meals a week. With the exercise, start by alternating walking and running for about a mile three times a week. When you can run longer try to run more and then walk less, increasing the distance (but only if you don't have some health condition that prevents you from running). Add cardio and exercises that target the areas you want to get rid of and you should be fine. After you loose the weight then all you need to do is eat right and exercise at least three days a week to maintain.

    Losing weight/getting fit while pregnant?
    Ok, so I'm fairly overweight for my height (5'4 and 150lbs, 25.7 BMI), and just after deciding that I'm going to get back to 120, I found out I was pregnant!

    Are there any exercises that can help me lose the excess weight safely while pregnant? I don't know how safe dance/aerobics or pilates are when you're pregnant, and I can't swim, or afford lessons :)

    At this point I'm not bothered about getting back down to 120lbs, I just want to get back within the healthy BMI range without compromising my baby's health


    • ANSWER:
      Um, losing weight, but still keeping your baby in check is a tricky one. The best thing you can do at this point is maintain healthiness... Eat really healthy, be active. Active doesn't mean working out all the time. Go for walks, hikes...since it's wintertime, do some yoga stretches at home or dance around the living room on a rainy day in. Pilates are probably not a good idea, but you should be able to feel whats right and whats wrong in regards to hurting your baby. You just can't overdo it. I was in the best shape of my life (FINALLY) when I got pregnant. So I kinda get your feeling, but simply maintaining an active healthy lifestyle will help you 1) have a healthy baby 2) have an easier/safer birth 3) have a much easier time losing the weight after baby is here. Breastfeeding is supposed to work wonders in burning calories!

      And if anything, this is a perfect time for you to start practicing those healthy habits that you were going to have to try in order to lose weight, anyways.

      Good Luck & Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Diet for fussy eater!?
    I am an extremely fussy eater. I'm always scared of trying new foods. I don't eat any fruit or veg, except for apples and strawberries occasionally, but not often.

    My diet on an ordinary day would be weetabix for breakfast, a sausage or cheese and ham sandwich, or burger for lunch, and things like fish fingers and chips (anything from the freezer really), or sausage rolls (My fave). I drink only water, but i sometimes have light Ribena, or apple juice with my lunch.

    My exercise is 2 P.E lessons a week, which are Fitness and badminton (but it changes throughout the year to stuff like aerobics, hockey, netball, running and so on). I used to go swimming every week, and I spend a lot of time in the summer on my bike and playing badminton. I have no time what so ever after school now, due to my musical interests.

    I have always been slim, but since going to high school i have got much bigger, and I would consider myself overweight, although my friends consider me as "a little bit round" bit i know that they are being nice.

    How can I loose some weight for my ROA, and summer, with being such a fussy eater and being scared of trying new foods, and have no time during term time for exercise??

    Thank you very much!
    By the way I'm around 5 foot 5, mabye 5 foot 4, and am 10 1/2 stones If that helps at all!

    • ANSWER:
      Actually for your height you are only about half a stone overweight. Just eat healthier and do regualr exercise and that half stone will stop off. Your not unhealthily over weight yet!

    OPEN AD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?


    • ANSWER:
      idk, but why im already here ill grab 2 points... waaabaaammm! (2) chaching....

    Is There A Limit To The Exercise im Doing?
    Every Tuesday im Doing boot camp,hula aerobics and athletics and on a thursday ill go to aqua-arobics. every Night im not doing either of them im doing my ministry of sound dance workout. im also at school so i have my pe and games lessons then i also took GCSE Pe So IM Doing Extra. As Well As this i base my diet around the special K Diet!
    Am I Going Over The top? BTW ii Cant Go A Day With Out Exercising, its almost like a must do ! Any NICE Feed Back?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends. Generally, it is good to allow days to rest and allow muscles to recover. However, your body will usually let you know if you aren't getting enough rest. You might feel tired of have muscle soreness--or you might notice yourself not improving in some particular area (weight trainers reach a plateau where they don't progress after several workouts, for example.. and sometimes even lose some strength).

      If you're feeling good and stuff though, I wouldn't worry about it. Just listen to your body. If it does need rest and you don't allow it, you could be tearing your muscles down and hurting your progress in your workouts.


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